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Employment Pathways

The Owners

An Australian Owned business, passionate about ecotourism & adventure

Dreamtime Dive and Snorkel heavily invested in continuing to provide opportunity for employment and growth for Indigenous youth. Our Dreamtime Crew are drawn from all-over North Queensland as well as from the Indigenous education program, Shoreline. Creating employment pathways and making a positive change for young Indigenous Australians demonstrates our leadership amongst tourism operators.

The Team

In the future, we strive to provide even more opportunities and sustainable careers for young Indigenous Australians and the launch of the new two-storey outer reef activity platform in February 2022 will contribute to that goal. Dreamtime Dive and Snorkel has set a goal to have all crew positions filled by Indigenous staff in the not-too-distant future, and with crew already determined to attain their skipper and engineering tickets, that goal might not be far away.


Steps have already been taken to enrich the visitors’ experiences with cultural input from young Indigenous team members. As they are trained in day-to-day tourism operations, they in turn are educating our business and its employees on the cultural significance and authenticity of the stories and experiences they provide.

Our Indigenous Guides are given permission to share the thousands of years old Dreamtime stories and demonstrate the customs, tools, and weapons of these Countries. While they are part of the crew, their role is mostly to share their connection to Sea Country with those on board. Each individual is encouraged to open up about their own individual traditions and to tell their ancestors’ stories, rather than a scripted version, which creates a spiritual connection between everyone present.

To ensure that Dreamtime Dive and Snorkel can provide the highest standard of service and deliver an authentic Indigenous experience, we continue to engage with the four Traditional Owner groups to assist us with training of new and existing staff members, highlighting the importance of cultural awareness.

Experience Co.

Dreamtime Dive & Snorkel is owned by Experience Co Limited (EXP), an Australian owned company specialising in adventure and leisure tourism. Experience Co provides experiences across Australia and New Zealand.

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